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Farmers Calm Balm 30ml healing salve.

Farmers Calm Balm 30ml healing salve.

Calm is the balm you want beside you when it’s time to unwind. Its anti-stress, peace inducing blend of lavender, camomile and sandalwood oils comforts and conditions. If those ingredients aren’t enough, this gem also contains super healing marshmallow root, olive leaf extract and nettle set inside and avocado and honey base.  This lavender calm balm softens your lips and fingertips.

Use under your nose, on your toes or on each temple.  At FARMERS’ it’s the go to fix for ailments all over our bodies.  Keep it beside the bed to help you drift off and in your pocket all day handy for the moment you need a little fix.

The tiniest amount goes a long way.

The honey comes from the fields at Welsh Lavender and is only harvested when there is excess.  The bees wax is sourced from a variety of small scale, independent beekeepers.  The bees are wild and the wax is a natural by-product of their lives. Since the wax is formed during hive formation, the means of harvesting does not have a detrimental effect on this process or welfare of the bees. There is minimal or no disruption to their natural routine.

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